[DWJ] Horse fantasies

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Sigh. Yes, I forgot all about them. And also the donkey in "Cart and
Cwidder", who is such a lovely character, and reminds me very much of a
donkey I knew when I was little.

One thing this thread has reminded me is how I love the way Diana manages to
gently poke fun at the kinds of series books girls love when they are
growing up, while acknowledging how much they do love them. I am thinking of
the book that made Janet and Julia beg for a pony, as well as the Millie
books that the Godess loved so much, and the books Angelica loves to read in
"Magicians of Caprona"... other examples?

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> But Gili, you've forgotten the COUNTESS! (Who is a gelding, IIRC.)

Oh, of course! Yes, there are plenty of horses in the Quartet :-)


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