[DWJ] short complete quest fantasies

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Mon Jun 22 19:53:44 EDT 2009

Mark Allums wrote:
> I still haven't quite figured out the attraction to horses, though. Very 
> early, it seems to be about cuteness, and a bit later on, it's about 
> power, and rippling muscles, and love, or maybe covetousness.  Has 
> anyone written a paper on girls<-->horses?

I should perhaps re-tone-ify the above, Lest There be Misunderstandings, 
And People Begin To Think I'm Peculiar.  Love in the sense of passion, 
obsession, and general fangirlishness, but not romance.  Well, maybe a 
sublimation of romance, a girl's first crush, but not, you know 
*Romance*.  Capital-R.(*)

Are the horse obsessions of young females an American thing?

Mark A.

(*) Except in a very few, unusual cases.  ;)

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