[DWJ] short complete quest fantasies

Chris Dollin eh at electrichedgehog.net
Mon Jun 22 15:11:54 EDT 2009

On Monday 22 June 2009, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

> Another perhaps more bizarre take on the epic quest is Geraldine Harris's
> Seven Citadels series.  It lacks the gathering of Companions, but the hero
> and his half-brother wander all over the place.  This is the series I think
> of with the Tough Guide reference to all those discrete cultures all over
> the world.  The ending also lacks a true Dark Lord (the goal being more
> about the hero overcoming his flaws to achieve transcendence).

Gosh, I haven't read that for a while. It will be interesting to re-read it
now after thirty extra years of reading experience. I see the back
covers of the paperback edition have a very positive quote from
Diana -- and that means more to me now than it did then, when I'd
only read a couple of her books!

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