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> Oh dear, Mark. I'm afraid there is a whole generation of young ladies
> who had that experience. *waves hand*
> It is not just the tights, although they do contribute. It is the
> whole narrative arc of refusing to grow up/wanting to grow up as well
> as the temptation dream scene in which Sarah wears the ball
> gown/bridal gown. Also, the Goblin King's overall androgyny (tights
> notwithstanding) helps temper fear of the Other/male.
> I do not want to further your embarrassment, as you seem like a nice
> person, but I did want to say that, in my experience and from talking
> to other female fans, it seems fairly common that Labyrinth was a
> watershed adolescent moment.

Oh yes; for two of my three girls too, who were just short of thirteen when 
they first watched it.

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