[DWJ] short complete quest fantasies

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Sun Jun 21 06:00:58 EDT 2009

Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
> 2009/6/21 Mark Allums <mark at allums.com>
>> I dispute that.  Go ahead and read the book.
> I have read the book many times. I have taught the book. I have written on
> it. I have also written a *lot* on quest fantasies generally, and many of
> those recommended so far here do not fit my definition or that of most
> fantasy critics--they lack the epic, they lack the structure or they lack
> world shattering significance. A quest fantasy is not the same thing as what
> Geoffrey Trease termed a Treasure Hunt. I'd say The Wizard of Oz is a lot
> closer to the Treasure Hunt model.
> But despite my disagreement with people I would not dream of suggesting that
> they have not read the books which they are recommending or arguing against.
> Farah

Oh dear.  Please accept my apology.  Certainly I didn't mean to imply 
you hadn't read the book.  I was born lacking the ability to say what I 
mean and mean what I say, not from character deficiency, but from 
deficiency of language ability.  I know what I mean, but I cannot 
express myself always.  I find myself using patterns of language that 
betray my simple and shallow thinking.

To summarize, I was stupid, clueless, and tactless.

I phrased that as if I was being adversarial, a chip on my shoulder.  I 
did not mean to challenge your knowledge of the subject and imply your 
ignorance.  I did not think that, and I did not intend to come across 
that way.  I'm sorry I did not try harder to express my intent without 
offending anyone.

I did say I was not well read, in another post.  By that, I meant to 
imply that I came to love literature late in life.  So, I am ignorant of 
most of the scholarly work on the subject.

Please bear with me as I try to catch up.  Everyone here already speaks 
the language, and you all have the knowledge of the field in common.  I 
am not an expert on children's literature, I am simply a fan of Ms. 
Wynne Jones.  I hoped to help by suggesting something, but should not 
have tried to inform someone when I have the inferior knowledge and 
experience ("teach Grandmother to suck eggs").

Please forgive me.

Mark Allums

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