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On Saturday 20 June 2009, Alina wrote:

> What about the Riddlemaster trilogy by Patricia McKillip?

It'saspendidtrilogyandeverybodyshouldreaditbut .... deborah asked

>> a Boy (who is potentially a girl) leaves his humble beginnings, 

Tick, for some value of "humble". (Morgon is the Prince of Hed,
but that seems to be more of an honourary title.)

>> gathers together a troop of Companions, 

Well, not really; his friends don't become a "troop", I'd say, and
they don't wander around en-masse with him.

>> hits every place on the Map,

Pretty much; tick.

>> and defeats the Dark Lord. 

There's no Dark Lord. There are Bad Guys but no Dark Lord. [1]

I think it would make a good /contrast/ with the Epic Fantasy 
Quest stereotype, but Deborah has Dark Lord for that.

[1] One could construct a different interpretation in which there
    /is/ a Dark Lord, but if you were to do so, he wins, not loses.

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