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Deborah asked...

> I'm calling on the brilliant list hive mind for help with my
> fantasy syllabus. I'd really like to assign my students one
> entire epic quest fantasy from beginning to end, in which a Boy
> (who is potentially a girl) leaves his humble beginnings, gathers
> together a troop of Companions, hits every place on the Map, and
> defeats the Dark Lord. I'd like to assign that entire thing in
> one week, and realistically I can't ask them to read more than
> three books in one week unless they are very brief (i.e.
> picturebooks, easy readers, or early chapter books). But I'm
> finding that most of the complete quest fantasy series I can
> think of are pretty long. Can you folks come up with any decent
> quests that are three books or less? One book would be even
> better. :-)

Hm.  Failing the Belgariad, maybe Eddings' "The Redemption of Althalus"?

Also, it's years since I read it, but maybe the first Shannara trilogy by 
Terry Brooks?  I have a vague memory that that was a pretty stereotypical 
Quest Fantasy.

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