[DWJ] short complete quest fantasies

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Sat Jun 20 15:20:32 EDT 2009

It's old (1967). It may not be still in print.

'The Great and Terrible Quest' by Margaret Lovett

It is your plain-vanilla heroic quest in miniature. Young boy who is 
brought up among a band of robbers, under the domination of his wicked 
grandfather (who pretends to be a wizard), discovers a wounded man in 
the woods and tries to help him. While his grandfather is away on 
business, they escape and make their way across the kingdom in disguise 
trying to get to the royal City before the old King dies.

The title is a phrase that the wounded man murmurs during his fever and 
has no memory of when he wakes, and it catches the boy's imagination. 
Their "quest" is complicated by the fact that his guide has lost most 
of his memory and is left with only scraps and a strong sense of 

It's a good, old-fashioned children's novel aimed at the 8-12 range. 
The tale hits all of the high spots of a standard quest fantasy, except 
that for all I can tell it isn't actually a fantasy. There are standard 
fantasy elements. But there is no indication that magic actually exists 
in this world -- although people believe it does. Or at least that it 

Actually, the scale of the story is such that I think it would make a 
cracking good film.

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