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Sounds a lot like some of Wolfgang Hohlbein's books (which I wouldn't 
really recommend, even if they were translated :-)

Ah. Quick check shows, one of them even is, "Magic Moon"

 From wikipedia

"Kim is an average German schoolboy who hates math but loves to read the 
latest copy of /Star Fighter/. His daydreaming life spirals into a 
nightmare when his parents inform him that his little sister Rebecca has 
fallen into a mysterious coma after an operation. A visitor from the 
realm of Magic Moon, the wizard Themistocles, tells him there is only 
one way to free her from the enchantment of eternal sleep: Kim himself 
must travel into the land of dreams and save her from the dark wizard 
Boraas, who has captured her soul.

So his next dream pulls Kim into Magic Moon, where he must fly a 
spaceship, disguise himself as a dark warrior, fight dangerous monsters 
and fantastical creatures, and journey ever-onward through forests and 
mountains to the end of the world, only to find out that the answer to 
saving Rebecca – and Magic Moon – lies within himself."

Complete with final battle Good vs Evil.

(I did like it as a kid. Only after three or four of his books, the 
stories seemed a bit repetitve to me.)

deborah.dwj at suberic.net schrieb:
> I'm calling on the brilliant list hive mind for help with my
> fantasy syllabus. I'd really like to assign my students one
> entire epic quest fantasy from beginning to end, in which a Boy
> (who is potentially a girl) leaves his humble beginnings, gathers
> together a troop of Companions, hits every place on the Map, and
> defeats the Dark Lord. I'd like to assign that entire thing in
> one week, and realistically I can't ask them to read more than
> three books in one week unless they are very brief (i.e.
> picturebooks, easy readers, or early chapter books). But I'm
> finding that most of the complete quest fantasy series I can
> think of are pretty long. Can you folks come up with any decent
> quests that are three books or less? One book would be even
> better. :-)
> Here's what I've come up with and rejected so far:
> * Prydain: five books
> * Pellinor: four very long books
> * Eragon: actually, this is perfect, but it's bad, and I don't
> want to make them read it
> * Dark Lord of Derkholm: I do assign this one, but one of the
> reasons I would like them to read an entire quest fantasy is so
> they understand what Dark Lord is parodying
> * The Hobbit: I assign this one as well, but it's not really the
> same thing. It's a precursor, really.
> There are lots of fantasy trilogies that aren't high fantasy
> quests (e.g. Abhorsen, His Dark Materials, Borribles, any Tamora
> Pierce). And there are some single books which come close to
> getting across some of the ideas. I've thought of Wizard of
> Earthsea, but that book is already a response to the classic
> quest fantasy, so it doesn't work as an introduction. The Hero
> and the Crown kind of works, I suppose, but it's too much a solo
> adventure.
> *sigh* I know what I want them to have read before they ever come
> into the class: the Belgariad or at any rate the Lord of the
> Rings. It's surprising how little decent straightforward quest
> fantasy there is in children's lit.
> Any ideas?
> -deborah
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