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It sounds as though you are describing the Belgariad to me, but that takes 5
books to do the whole thing, and another 5 to do it again.
Hmmm...my daughter has just unearthed Rhianna of the Wild Magic (Dave
Luckett, I think) so I'll read it quickly and see if that would suit.

Oh, and the Emily Rodda books - Rowan of Rin is the first - are fairly quick
to read, and have lots of repetitive elements; do you have access to them? I
wouldn't say they were early readers, but they would follow not long after

The first time I read Tough Guide I thought it was a direct response to the

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I'm calling on the brilliant list hive mind for help with my
fantasy syllabus. I'd really like to assign my students one
entire epic quest fantasy from beginning to end, in which a Boy
(who is potentially a girl) leaves his humble beginnings, gathers
together a troop of Companions, hits every place on the Map, and
defeats the Dark Lord. 

* Dark Lord of Derkholm: I do assign this one, but one of the
   reasons I would like them to read an entire quest fantasy is so
   they understand what Dark Lord is parodying

*sigh* I know what I want them to have read before they ever come
into the class: the Belgariad or at any rate the Lord of the
Rings. It's surprising how little decent straightforward quest
fantasy there is in children's lit.

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