[DWJ] DWJ book for 11 year old?

emily whitrod wuffles at live.com.au
Thu Jun 4 19:03:12 EDT 2009

Thanks everyone!

I didn't want to go for some of the other titles (as people have mentioned, they are less accessible and obtainable... while I grew up reading books that were aimed at children at least 20 years older than me, for example Ivan Southall or Ursula Le Guin, if I hadn't been into those books I might not have understood the lanuage used, etc.). 

However, my friend actually ended up buying Granny by Anthony Horowitz, and the first Lemony Snickett book. I recommended the Horowitz, but not the Lemony Snickett, apparently the salesperson talked him into buying it. I don't mind the books, but as a child who read voraciously, I always had a great vocabulary, and didn't need some old dude giving me lists of words and meanings while I was trying to enjoy my reading. Apparently they didn't have any DWJ titles in store! :O shock, horror.

Also, I finally received House of Many Ways in the mail yesterday, so I'm pretty excited. I'm only half way through (thanks to a few large assignments and an exam to study for) but it's fairly enjoyable... though I'm noticing similarities to parts of Howl's Moving Castle...

Thanks for your help,

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> To add more books to the mix, I loved "Tale of time city" at that age. But
> I'd probably go for a Chrestomanci book as they are more easily obtainable!
> Emma
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> >  Emily asked...
> >>
> >>  A friend was asking me for ideas for good books for a birthday present
> >>> for a girl who is 11 years old. I immediately wanted to recommend Diana
> >>> Wynne Jones, but the problem is I don't know what sort of books would be
> >>> suitable for that age.
> >>>
> >>
> > The first DWJ I really loved was _Witch Week_, and I still think it's one
> > of the most accessible. (I read _Power of Three_ first and wasn't wild about
> > it. I like it better now.) _Dogsbody_ really put me off. _The Ogre
> > Downstairs_ might do. It's a more conventional goofy-magic story, though,
> > and a bit more dated than some.
> >
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