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And here's a funny story about that. The collection 'Winterfair Gifts' was in was?supposed to come out in the fall, but the publisher decided that it would do better for Valentine's Day release. So fans became frustrated. Now, Lois has a very strong Croatian fan base, and her stuff is routinely translated into Croatian. The publisher who had first American (or English) rights did not have first translation rights, so the Croatian version was published as a separate, small volume, before the English one. Sooo - some really dedicated American fans found a Croatian speaker, got the story translated, and released a semi-legal version... Dunno where my copy of it and the Croatian version went to (darn...)


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Eleanor Joslin wrote:?
> _Dreamweaver's Dilemma_ is a NESFA book containing two > Vorkosigan-related stories, some other early short stories, and some > nonfiction. I think of it as the Bujold equivalent of _Everard's Ride_.?
There is also "Winterfair Gifts"[0], which appeared first in _Irresitable Forces_, a book of sf+romance stories.?
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[0] A recycled title, to be sure.?
ISBN-10: 0451211111?
ISBN-13: 978-0451211118?
Out of print, but still easy to find. Amazon has it.?
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