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Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Wed Jul 22 21:17:12 EDT 2009

Jameela Lares wrote:
> Eleanor said on 17 Jul 00:41:49 +0100
>> Bujold and DWJ are rather similar writers in many ways - their clarity 
>> of language, thoughtfulness, and awareness of the tropes of their 
>> genre.  I've seen an approving DWJ quote on at least one Bujold book, 
>> although I don't know whether Bujold's a fan of DWJ too.  I also can't 
>> remember why I bought _The Curse of Chalion_ in the first place.  I 
>> don't think anybody had told me to.  But I'm extremely glad I did.
> I've never heard of Bujold but she does look like a good read.  I must say, I'm
> not much of a sci fi reader despite a strong interest in the genre when I was
> growing up.  But on Eleanor's recommendation, as it were, I've ordered up
> _The Curse of Charlion_.  BTW, the title of her recent series, The Sharing 
> Knife, looks particularly oxymoronic.  Don't knives *divide*?  Or is that the
> point?

Chalion is brilliant.  I consider it one of the top ten fantasy novels 
since Lord of the Rings.  (Yes, DWJ is also on my list.)

The Sharing Knife is a Romance.  (Capital 'R'.)  And the knife is a 
sacrifice.  (Hope I'm not giving away too much.)  The sharing has to do 
with that.

The Vorkosigan books are space opera, but like all good science fiction 
(and literature in general), they are not about the science and tech, 
they are about the people.

Mark Allums

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