[DWJ] Book recommendation

Elizabeth Parks henx19 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 13:43:24 EDT 2009

I did not know about the wombat, and I'm very happy to have learned.
I think I probably didn't know because I've always found Dante Gabriel
Rossetti. . . unappealing, which may be less his fault than the fault
of the people who sell thousands of reproductions of his and
Waterhouse's paintings to incoming college freshman, who seem to find
them endlessly pleasing.

  I've always liked Christina Rossetti more. . . and the series looks
interesting, especially as it doesn't look like it denies that Dante
Gabriel Rossetti was something of a tool.

Speaking of interesting series, it looks like HBO is filming the pilot
of "A Game of Thrones," and from what I've heard it seems like they're
interested in making an expensive, well-crafted version of it, so
here's hoping. (though it scares me that the people who made X Men:
Wolverine are involved, as I'm not impressed by their respect for
source material).

That said, I think I'm relieved that no one has ever tried to film
most of DWJ's books.  Obviously it's flattering when something you
love is loved by others (even though it's not really yours to be
flattered by), but it's also so frequently disappointing when said
others do not share your vision of it.  With a Game of Thrones, I
don't love it enough to feel betrayed should the miniseries version
suck; if it were Charmed Life, I would most likely be horrified by any

Now I guess we'll see if the "Lions of Al-Rassan" movie ever actually
comes to fruition.


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