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> 2009/7/17 Eleanor Joslin <eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk>
>> >I've read Archer's Goon many times, but I've only just noticed that
>> Quentin is subtly quoting Dr Spooner.  Or is it just me?
> Well, *I* hadn't noticed, anyway! Brilliant - and it probably counts as 
> more
> tangential evidence for the 'Oxford theory' of Archer's Goon (
> http://community.livejournal.com/dianawynnejones/154227.html, for those 
> who
> have hissed the mystery of this debate).

I mapped the Archer's Goon town onto Oxford simply because that's the only 
place in England (apart from London, which it obviously isn't) that I've 
lived for any length of time. (I was there for a semester in the fall of 
1983.) I've never been to Bristol at all. And I did notice the town drain, I 
am pretty sure. It's very much Quentin's sort of joke, I think, but DWJ's, 

By the way, my daughter Emily was in a secondhand store recently and bought 
a Bristol City scarf because she liked it (what it's doing in Seattle I have 
no idea), and was very excited to hear that Bristol was where DWJ lived.

Helen Schinske 

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