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Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Fri Jul 17 09:34:01 EDT 2009

Jameela Lares wrote:

> I've never heard of Bujold but she does look like a good read.  I must say, I'm
> not much of a sci fi reader despite a strong interest in the genre when I was
> growing up.  But on Eleanor's recommendation, as it were, I've ordered up
> _The Curse of Charlion_.  BTW, the title of her recent series, The Sharing 
> Knife, looks particularly oxymoronic.  Don't knives *divide*?  Or is that the
> point?

I never thought of that interpretation of the term "sharing knife" 
before.  That isn't what it means.  To find out what the knife shares 
and how, read the books. :-)

Other than _The Sharing Knife_ her works fall into three groups:

_The Curse of Chalion_, sequel _Paladin of Souls_, and _The Hallowed 
Hunt_ which is set in the same world but is a separate story from the 
first two books.

_Ths Spirit Ring_ is an earlier fantasy set in Renaissance Italy.  It's 
the book of hers I like least; it isn't bad but it disappointed me 
because I had already read _Paladin of Souls_, which recycles some of 
the plot and is a much better book.

The rest of the novels form the open-ended "Vorkosigan" space opera 
series.  They weren't written in internal chronological order and there 
are several entry points that make sense.  Most of it has now been 
collected into 2-novel + 1-novelette omnibus editions.  "Cordelia's 
Honor" is the first one, but doesn't have the notorious Miles Vorkosigan 
in it (it's about his parents).  "Miles Errant" was where I got really 
hooked on the series.

(I'm rereading _The Dark Lord of Derkholm_, have got to the part where 
they're herding the soldiers around, and Scales the dragon is reminding 
me rather a lot of Miles -- if Scales was the size of the dragon in 
_Charmed Life_ and had somehow picked up all that skill and wisdom by 
whatever is the dragon equivalent of age 17.)

_Dreamweaver's Dilemma_ is a NESFA book containing two 
Vorkosigan-related stories, some other early short stories, and some 
nonfiction.  I think of it as the Bujold equivalent of _Everard's Ride_.


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