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Fri Jul 17 09:10:59 EDT 2009

On Fri, 17 Jul 2009, Jameela Lares wrote:
> I must say, I'm
> not much of a sci fi reader despite a strong interest in the genre when I was
> growing up.

Bujold's Vorkosigan series is space opera. Although some of the
middle books, when Miles is younger, are fairly heavy on the
paramilitary space tactics, on the whole the books are more about
character development and emotional connection. If I compare them
to David Weber's Honor Harrington series (which I devoured for a
short while despite never really liking), the Weber books really
are about space battles, interplanetary politics, and military
philosophy; the Bujold books use space battles and interplanetary
politics as yet one more way of showing us how totally awesome
and freakish Miles is.

> But on Eleanor's recommendation, as it were, I've ordered up
> _The Curse of Charlion_.  BTW, the title of her recent series, The Sharing
> Knife, looks particularly oxymoronic.  Don't knives *divide*?  Or is that the
> point?

I love Chalion beyond reason. As for the Sharing Knife, the whole
metaphysics of the knife is very confusing, and it took me until
late in the second book or early in the third before I understood
it at all. But yes, that is kind of the point.


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