[DWJ] Book recommendation

Persephone Hazard seph at persephonehazard.co.uk
Fri Jul 17 08:20:51 EDT 2009

> On the Victoria listserv there was once a series of absurd joking posts 
> about Mrs. Gaskell's pet elephant (I've just looked them up -- it was in 
> August 2001). Several people were fooled (Mrs. Gaskell did not, in 
> reality, possess a living pachyderm of any sort) and quite annoyed.

[laughs] I can certainly see that being embarrasing for the duped!

Rossetti really really did have a wombat, though. Even *I* knew that. [grin]

Speaking of Rossetti, has anyone else heard about this new drama the BBC 
are doing about the Brotherhood? It is called, rather wonderfully, 
Desperate Romantics and I cannot *wait*. Next Tuesday, it starts. Squee! 


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