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Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
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Eleanor said on 17 Jul 00:41:49 +0100

> Bujold and DWJ are rather similar writers in many ways - their clarity 
> of language, thoughtfulness, and awareness of the tropes of their 
> genre.  I've seen an approving DWJ quote on at least one Bujold book, 
> although I don't know whether Bujold's a fan of DWJ too.  I also can't 
> remember why I bought _The Curse of Chalion_ in the first place.  I 
> don't think anybody had told me to.  But I'm extremely glad I did.

I've never heard of Bujold but she does look like a good read.  I must say, I'm
not much of a sci fi reader despite a strong interest in the genre when I was
growing up.  But on Eleanor's recommendation, as it were, I've ordered up
_The Curse of Charlion_.  BTW, the title of her recent series, The Sharing 
Knife, looks particularly oxymoronic.  Don't knives *divide*?  Or is that the

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