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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jul 17 05:00:53 EDT 2009

Charlie Butler wrote:
> I took the Get Well card round to DWJ today, and she was very touched and
> pleased. She'll be going into hospital this week, so please beam your
> thoughts in the general direction of Bristol over the next few days.

My information, in a short phone call I made from Sweden, is that she 
had the operation for her lung cancer on Tuesday, and had the growth 
itself and one lobe of her left lung removed; this was followed by 
internal bleeding that was discovered while she was in the recovery room 
and required another immediate operation late in the evening to correct 
it followed by intensive care overnight, but by one in the afternoon on 
Wednesday she was back in an ordinary ward and being bullied by a physio 
about coughing enough.  Her husband said that she was better than he had 
expected after two invasive operations in so short a time, and another 
report via phone yesterday indicates that she is said to be recovering 
faster than had been expected.

They haven't yet done the biopsy and so we can't know how malignant it 
all might be, but so far the crossed fingers all over the world seem to 
be doing the job, so it would be good if everyone kept them that way 
until she is definitely known to be out of the wood.

Minnow (more relieved than words can say)

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