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Charlie Butler charles.hannibal at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 12:42:21 EDT 2009

2009/7/16 Gili Bar-Hillel <gbhillel at netvision.net.il>

> Charlie wrote:
> >> But I *did *know about the wombat, from reading the notes to "Goblin
> Market".
> Which notes where, please?

Sorry, Gili - I've no idea. Whichever edition I read it in, I suppose, but
that was a long while ago. It's even possible that I didn't actually read it
in notes, but heard in on the radio - I seem to remember there was a
documentary on the poem a while ago. Either way, I filed the factoid away in
the little drawer in my mind marked 'Pre-Raphaelite Wombats', and there it's

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