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2009/7/16 Farah Mendlesohn <farah.sf at gmail.com>

> For those people who enjoyed Judith Ridge's paper on being an Australian
> reader, I must recommend _Rosetti's Wombat_ by John Simmons. (Middlesex
> University Press)
> Did you know Rosetti had a wombat? Me neither. The book is all about the
> craze for Australian animals in Victorian England and it's a hoot!
 That's a fantastic story, Farah. I always wanted to write it for the
children's magazine I used to work for, but never got around to it. There's
a fantastic image (it may be aprocryphal) of the wombat sleeping in a soup
toureen or something of that nature. (I say likely to be aprocryphal,
because wombats weigh a tonne and would probably have broken any such
 Poor Australian creatures didn't fare so well in the English climate,

Thanks for the reference! (And the mention of my paper.)


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