[DWJ] The Convention

Gill Othen gill at othen.fslife.co.uk
Wed Jul 8 07:45:24 EDT 2009

Bettina said:

"also back from the con (which was indeed lovely)..."

I've been a very long-time lurker and occasional poster here, so not a
newbie. But the con was brilliant beyond all my expectations. Not only did I
get to hang out with so many bright, interested and interesting people, but
my brain was given a thorough workout too.

And, Hallie, you have a point about F&H, but I'm re-reading "Deep Secret"
and am all the more convinced that UWE campus is modelled on the Babylon
Hotel. As Rupert Venables says, "They all say this hotel's very confusing,
but they mean they think they just keep getting lost." I am totally
convinced it was a mischievous intelligence at work, not merely my own

Many thanks again to Charlie, Farah and you for all that work - and the
tremendous weekend which resulted.


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