[DWJ] conference write-ups?

Jackie E Stallcup jstallcup at juno.com
Tue Jul 7 18:18:40 EDT 2009


I like this bit out of one of your posts, discussing the similarity
between you and Polly:

"Perhaps it is here the similarity stops. I have not lost my memory of
the last 9 years. I always liked fairy tales, without some guy called Tom
Lynn having to convince me. I haven’t known a musician 14 years older
than me since the age of 10 who I’m imminently going to fall in love
with. Oh, and I don’t know any malevolent immortal fairies with whom I
have to bargain, or else face the death of loved ones. Though it would
make for a good story."

My response....  How do you know?  How do you know that you haven't lost
your memory of the last nine years?  Maybe you DO know some guy named Tom
Lynne?  Perhaps the bargaining with malevolent immortal fairies will
happen next week?

Well, you never know!


On Tue, 07 Jul 2009 23:08:42 +0100 Helen Harvey <helen at kilvites.co.uk>
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> Still a work in progress, but there's one piece up there. Feel free 
> to correct anything I've got wrong, or argue me out of anything you 
> disagree with - I am young and malleable.
> Also, hello! I've joined too!
> Helen Harvey
> In message <200907071905.46159.eh at electrichedgehog.net> Diana Wynne 
> Jones discussion <dwj at suberic.net> writes:
> > Not a write-up, but just to second Deborah's "thank-you" to 
> Charlie 
> > and Farah and Hallie and any-behind-the-scenes and to say I
> > thoroughly enjoyed myself.
> > 
> > Although I'm still recovering from the sleep-loss ...
> > 
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> estimates."
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