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Wed Jan 28 18:40:18 EST 2009

Neil Gaiman on Hexwood (aka the Tortured Assassin's
Somewhat-Prepubescent Telepathic Aristocratic Bride):

(actually, I think finding that poem might have been how I found this
list, but it's been . . .  nine years now?  geez. . . and I don't
remember exactly) ;)

as for the Harlequin/Mills & Boon title, it's a conglomerate.  I have
this habit of, every time I'm in a bookstore, gleefully cackling over
the actual titles. In any given month, you'll have: three virgins,
five billionares, four men from foreign cultures generally considered
to be more traditional and more patriarchal (ie the Sicilian, the
Sheik, etc), four men from Texas (see previous), three lawmen (with a
firefighter on the side) (at least one lawman will be a Native
American), two doctors, a princess/duke/something from a fictional
small European monarchy, three to six mistresses, and at least two
words that imply unwillingness (ie, the Manly Prince's Unwilling
Mistress or the Sexist Pig's Blackmailed Virgin).  Ooh, and a pregnant
chick.  And this is just what you can tell from the titles and covers.

If I didn't find it so funny, I'd be kind of depressed.


On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 3:37 PM, Persephone Hazard
<seph at persephonehazard.co.uk> wrote:
>> the first time I ever heard of Neil Gaiman, actually, was when I read
>> his poem about having Hexwood dedicated to him.
> Oh, I really want to read that now! Has anyone a link?
>> *proof of silliness: on the shelves now, I believe you can find
>> Harlequin's "The Sicilian Shiek Billionare's Pregnant Virgin Waitress
>> Mistress."  Or something along those lines.
> There is something wrong with me. I fnd myself wanting to read any book
> with that title, too... [grin]
> Seph
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