[DWJ] Neil Gaiman wins Newberry

Persephone Hazard seph at persephonehazard.co.uk
Wed Jan 28 17:43:41 EST 2009

> I couldn't have said just *why* I don't seem to get on so well with most of 
> Gaiman's text-only work, but I think this explanation has hit the nail on 
> the head.  I got bored with "Anansi Boys" before I was even halfway through, 
> and I think it was because I didn't really care what happened to the 
> characters.  I can't remember a damn' thing about "Stardust", and "American 
> Gods" had the odd effect of causing me to put it down halfway through and go 
> and write a novella.

That's interesting, because I adore Sandman very, very much and also 
love his novels - but I notice that when I read his novels, the images I 
get in my head aren't like a film (as they are with everything else I 
read) but in graphic novel style. And that works extremely well. (I'd 
never really noticed the fact that I do this with his books before, 
IYSWIM, so it's interesting to think about it!) I've just finished 
American Gods and loved every word of it.

Funnily enough, though, the only thing of his I've ever read that I 
didn't love was Stardust. The voice it was written in just annoyed me. 
And then the film annoyed me, because it wasn't enough like the book. 
Which I hadn't liked so much anyway. I suspect I am peculiar about these 


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