[DWJ] author flirting

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jan 28 16:11:57 EST 2009

Katta wrote:

>I had no idea that the phrase I used would prove so controversial, and I'm
>sorry for using it. As Deborah and others have kindly assumed, all I meant
>was that they're clearly fans of each other's work, that they keep
>pointing out that they're fans of each other's work, and that there are
>several nods to the other in various books that are most pleasant to me as
>a deep fan of both.

If 'un homage' is good, maybe they are paying each other homage?  (ok, it's
a terrible play on words, but maybe it works)  I think there is a strong
element of respect for each other's abilities involved.  So far as I know
DWJ only ever contributed directly to one comic, and it wasn't Neil's
(though he contributed to the same issue of the same one), but that hasn't
stopped her from greatly enjoying the comics of his that she has read.  As
a for instance.

>I didn't mean that their expressions of admiration was anything less than
>sincere, and I *certainly* didn't mean that there was anything unseemly
>going on between them. And I'm *incredibly* mortified that of all the
>things DWJ could have learned about what I've said on the list, this
>misconception would be the one. Minnow, please, if you could find it in
>your heart to explain and apologize on my behalf, I'd be most grateful - I
>know I'm not really anyone to her, but I still can't bear the thought of
>being a cause of annoyance to one of my favourite authors.

I didn't attribute the remark, so you aren't implicated.  Panic ye not.

Actually she laughed, so I doubt you need worry anyway!  It was more the
similarity between him and her Mickey that was causing giggles.  If you
read the account of Nick breakfasting, in *Deep Secret*, you have a fine
amalgamation of the two of them before they have had (each has had?) their
(his?) first coffee of the day and woken up a bit...  (And note
N[eil][M]ick, as a name! which I only just noticed.)  It was Neil who ate
breakfast twice without noticing he was doing so (as mentioned in the same
breakfast scene: Maree tells The Prat that Nick would do that and she knows
because she has tried it), until he got to the baked beans -- at which
point he suddenly woke up and said that he hadn't liked those the first

As for 'wash your mind out with soap and water', it's very much a
joke-reproof, similar to her miming the rapping of someone's fingers with a
swiftly-furled invisible fan if they reach for a cake or pastry that she
had her eye on for herself.

Picture the whole conversation as taking place with a twinkle in D's eye,
because I'm sure there was though since it was on the phone I couldn't see

Sorry for any alarm I may have caused.


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