[DWJ] author flirting

Charlie Butler charles.hannibal at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 15:50:14 EST 2009

2009/1/28 Katarina Hjärpe <head_overheels at hotmail.com>

> > And I'm *incredibly* mortified that of all the things DWJ could have
> learned about what I've said on the list, this misconception would be the
> one.

Can I make a plea for a cordon sanitaire? I don't think this list can really
be the place it's intended to be - a forum to discuss all things DWJ in a
relaxed and unintimidating atmosphere - if we feel that anything we say may
be conveyed to DWJ for comment. Of course, if a person gives permission for
their ideas or questions to be relayed to DWJ that's fine; but, while those
of us who are lucky enough to know her can certainly bring things of unique
interest to the list (whilst being careful to respect her privacy too), I
think we have to beware of inadvertently inhibiting discussion. If people
are afraid to open their mouths in a slightly critical way (not that
Katarina *was* being critical) for fear of DWJ 'getting to hear about it'
the discussion will be bland indeed.

Of course, if DWJ wants to see what people say on the list she has only to
lurk here and she can read it for herself. Perhaps she does - but I suspect
she has taken the decision not to, and probably wisely.


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