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Me, too!  Other than Good Omens, I find Gaiman's text work somewhat
unsatisfactory. . . but I loved Sandman, and I'm not usually a big fan
of graphic novels.  (On a side note, for some reason "American Gods"
always reminded me of the old animated tv show "Gargoyles," but other
than both featuring certain Native American things, I'm not sure why.)

In past literature and writing classes, though, I have noticed that my
visual-reading connection is a little different than most people's,
which is to say that I appear to be a lot less visually oriented than
other people while at the same time being more space oriented (and I
always wonder if this has something to do with my mild taste/spatial
synesthesia).  It could also be an ADD thing--I find many graphic
novels confusing, find the page flow hard to follow smoothly, and feel
a bit cheated at the end as I want more story.  The only person I've
ever met who agreed with me pretty much completely was Jane Yolen, so
I let that comfort me when I feel like I'm missing out on something ;)

lizzie, delurking twice in one day

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 12:42 PM, Dorian E. Gray <dorianegray at gmail.com> wrote:
> Katta said...
>> If I have any complaints, it might be that the characterisation feels a
>> bit
>> unfinished, but then, that's a common problem for me with Gaiman.
>> (In a sense, I think his writing works better in visual media such as
>> films
>> and graphic novels, since no introspection is required and his characters
>> are further developed by body language and so on.)
> Ah, I am not alone!
> I couldn't have said just *why* I don't seem to get on so well with most of
> Gaiman's text-only work, but I think this explanation has hit the nail on
> the head.  I got bored with "Anansi Boys" before I was even halfway through,
> and I think it was because I didn't really care what happened to the
> characters.  I can't remember a damn' thing about "Stardust", and "American
> Gods" had the odd effect of causing me to put it down halfway through and go
> and write a novella.
> And yet I adore "Sandman" and "Neverwhere".
> Until the sky falls on our heads...
> Dorian.
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