[DWJ] author flirting

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jan 28 08:51:22 EST 2009

Farah remarked

>[The three reviews of Rhetorics of Fantasy to have come out so far are from
>John Clute, Gary K. Wolfe and Michael Swanwick: I have dinner with Clute
>most Thursdays, I am close friends with Wolfe, and Swanwick is currently a
>guest in my house. See the problem?]

If Clute didn't like any book he would be as rude about it as he felt
necessary, though he might temper the rudeness slightly for a friend; the
other two I don't know well enough to say that of them, but it seems
likely.  Either that or they'd decline to review it, I suspect, which was
the thing Clute objected to I seem to remember.

I respect Clute enormously for his honesty in this matter: what is the good
of a review one can't trust, really?


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