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I don't think the phrase was meant pejoratively, and I don't think the
relationship requires explanation or justification. It's NICE to see Gaiman
and DWJ carrying on a sort of correspondence in the introductions and
dedications of their books. It makes me happy to think authors are
appreciating each other's work and influence, and I'm sure that's what most
fans feel. "Author-flirting" is a great phrase for that! I wish some authors
would flirt with me. (Of course, I'm not an author, so it wouldn't be quite
the same thing...)

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2009/1/28 Katarina Hjärpe <head_overheels at hotmail.com>

> > I'm sure I read (possibly on the cover?) a quote from DWJ saying she
> > thought
> > it was the best thing Gaiman had done.
> Wow, those two just keep author-flirting with each other, don't they? I
> bought The Graveyard Book (my copy doesn't have a quote) along with a
> of other books, including The Pinhoe Egg, where Gaiman calls DWJ the best
> writer of magic there is. :-)

I realise you mean it to be funny, but here it's a bit unfair. Gaiman came
to fantasy writing as a *fan*. He's been in the field almost 40 yrs since he
started so young. Like many of us, he started reading DWJ almost as soon as
her books books started to come out.

When Gaiman adores DWJ, he means every single word. If he had time, I
strongly suspect he'd be on this list, gushing with the rest of us.

Also: UK fandom is *small*, around 1200 people active at any time. The
largest convention is about 800 (more if in London).  Gaiman probably first
met DWJ when he was quite young and she was still attending conventions.

We really do all know each other, and after a while the interlocking
networks can look really strange. For example: I would not presume to call
myself a friend of Gaiman's. We are acquaintances at most, and I am
delighted he respects my opinion. But at the last count we shared at least
four very close friends.

all the best
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