[DWJ] Neil Gaiman wins Newberry

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 28 00:54:17 EST 2009

> I'm sure I read (possibly on the cover?) a quote from DWJ saying she
> thought
> it was the best thing Gaiman had done.

Wow, those two just keep author-flirting with each other, don't they? I bought The Graveyard Book (my copy doesn't have a quote) along with a bunch of other books, including The Pinhoe Egg, where Gaiman calls DWJ the best writer of magic there is. :-)

As for what I thought of The Graveyard Book, I found it very charming and quite suspenseful. The pastiche was brilliantly done, with enough originality to the story to make it more than just a retelling. I also like, as a minor detail, that once again he doesn't explicitly tell you that the black characters are black. :-) If I have any complaints, it might be that the characterisation feels a bit unfinished, but then, that's a common problem for me with Gaiman. (In a sense, I think his writing works better in visual media such as films and graphic novels, since no introspection is required and his characters are further developed by body language and so on.)


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