[DWJ] Conference reminder and New Introduction

Charlie Butler charles.hannibal at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 16:20:29 EST 2009

First - a reminder for anyone who is considering submitting a paper for the
DWJ conference (3rd-5th July, at the University of the West of England), the
deadline for proposals is the end of this month. Several people have
mentioned the possibility of a list-meet this year, and what better occasion
at which to have it? Please send any proposals to me, preferably copied to
Farah. I'm happy to forward further details to anyone who wants them.
While I'm here, I'll introduce myself quickly. I'm Charlie, lecturer at UWE
(see above) for the last 19 years, fallow fantasy writer, DWJ critic
(details here: http://www.charlesbutler.co.uk/otherstuff.html), and for a
few more days a mere 45 years old. I joined the list in January 2003, since
which time it's caused (precipitated? been the occasion of?) many
friendships on- and off-line, and a more-than-friendship with Hallie.

As for firsts and favourites, I'm boringly predictable, having started with
*Charmed Life* and loving *Fire and Hemlock* beyond measure. Much as I like
Howl, Chrestomanci and the Dalemarks I've come to realise that I have a
slight preference for DWJ's stand-alones, and am therefore awaiting
*Enchanted Glass* with my breath in a preternatural state of batedness. By
my count, it's her first full-length standalone novel since *Deep Secret*.
That's 12 years ago, people!


Website: www.charlesbutler.co.uk

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