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It sounds like a man trying to sound like a woman. Obviously he read the book as a love story, and from what you've copied it sounds almost like some horrible review you'd find on Amazon, except from someone who has even less of an idea of what they are saying. More like he knows how people might talk about it, so he's trying to use the same style. I did try finding a few sentences in Google but nothing came up. 
Emily.> Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 10:59:05 +0000> From: farah.sf at gmail.com> To: dwj at suberic.net> Subject: [DWJ] assistance needed> > I am looking at a piece of work from a student and I do not believe this is> the student's work. There are lots of reasons, but that it sounds completely> different to the previous piece is a factor. Also, don't ask me why, but> this feels like a woman's writing (it has phrases such as "a fast paced and> emotionally moving story that tugs at your heart strings"-- maybe a 24 year> old man, but I don't think so.> The review is of Fire and Hemlock> > I can't find it on google. I've typed a few sentences below, If anyone> recognises it, let me know. Cheers. F.> > > "Told in Polly's present as a near adult, the story is a series of> > flashbacks to her normal memories, but this is blurred, conditioned by the> > passage of time and by a series of events beyond her control. The book> > follows Polly's attempt to separate fact from fiction and discover why> > everything she had known and been familiar with had changed before its too> > late, most notably the fate of her dear friend Tom Lynn who in the present> > neither of whom know of each other, her attempts to reconnect with her pat> > [sic] are more than just some kind of remembrance its of knowing whether> > things were for the better.> >> > > "The relationship between the central characters Polly and Tom is both> > beautiful in its essence while also complicated at its core."> >> > >> > -- > Off Cuts: http://www.farahsf.com/> or> If "men don't read" but "science fiction doesn't sell to women" ... who is> reading it?> _______________________________________________> Dwj mailing list> Dwj at suberic.net> http://www.suberic.net/mailman/listinfo/dwj
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