[DWJ] assistance needed

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Jan 18 17:21:04 EST 2009

>> Is this standard student-quality?  I mean, is this better or worse than
>> you'd've expected?  I do hope you say worse...
>> Minnow
>It's middling student quality but it's much higher than I would expect from
>this student. One of the bizarre aspects is that although the writer has
>mentioned the fantasy at the start, it is otherwise treated as a social
>problem novel in which the twin issues are the divorce and the relationship
>with an older man.

Probably can't cope with magic, which is after all an SEP field and
couldn't possibly be what the story has at its core.  :-)  Or come to that
what is the main part of most of DWJ.


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