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Hah! I read one or two of the sequels last holidays, they actually went downhill after the first book. I just found the highschool, highschool, clothes, boys, highschool came on a bit strong. It was like watching "Mean Girls", but with some sexy vampires thrown in, and some werewolves as well for good measure. To me, the plot never really developed enough, she just kind of let it stand for two more books, which is where I gave up on it. I watched a bad version of the movie, so couldn't see much, but the way Bella delivered her lines got to me as well. She kept trailing off and not finishing sentences and seeming like not everything was quite right in the head.
If you like mills and boon, well you'd be disappointed because these don't even have sexy sex in them! They just have this "forbidden" relationship which doesn't seem to stop them from doing anything except actually getting it on. "Hi, I'm Bella, I love dead people" " Hi, I'm Edward, you smell so good I want to drink your blood" "Wow, you really know how to compliment a wumman" Byronic hero-esque pose, which is ruined by the fact that they are sitting in a high school "We can never be together, you know, because I am a vampire" "That's, like, totally unfair, but I know you will creepily stalk me so that's ok"
Just my thoughts, all in all it wasn't a bad read, but I don't know how books like this, and Harry Potter, get to be quite so popular. I re-read Fire and Hemlock the other day, and couldn't quite believe how awesome it was.
-Emily> Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 10:20:31 +1100> From: liliwilkinson at mac.com> To: dwj at suberic.net> Subject: Re: [DWJ] Twilight> > Elizabeth said:> >When I put the book down I didn't feel motivated to hunt out the sequels> >- has anyone read them, and are they worth reading?> > Er, no. Or at least, not in my opinion. I find Meyer's take on sexual politics quite disturbing - Bella is so helpless that Edward LITERALLY carries her around. There's also a bit of sexual violence that Bella justifies with 'Oh, he wasn't himself, he can't help his supernatural predatory powers', which I don't exactly think is a great message to be sending to the teenage girls of the world.> > The film, however, is unintentionally hilarious. Sparkly vampires!> > Speaking of unintentionally hilarious, I give you my favourite line from the Twilight series:> > "It?s twilight," Edward murmured, looking at the western horizon, ... looking like a male model in an advertisement for raincoats.> > -lili> > _______________________________________________> Dwj mailing list> Dwj at suberic.net> http://www.suberic.net/mailman/listinfo/dwj
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