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Happy New Year to you all. I missed the first part of the last
discussion because I was on holiday at the beach - gorgeous weather but
lots of giant purple jellyfish in the water which kinda discouraged
swimming . . .

Melissa said:
So far this year I've read _False Colours_, _Black Sheep_ (both new for
Hurrah for Georgette Heyer! I pulled 'The Grand Sophy' off the shelves
the other night when suffering from insomnia, and read it straight
through. As a result I still didn't get much sleep, but it was a much
more pleasant way to pass the time than lying in the dark gazing at the

And Melissa and Devra both mentioned 'Flora Segunda' so I've got a new
book to look out for. Thank you both . . . I love this list!

We've been doing a giant weed of our bookshelves to try and give
shelf-space to some of the ones on the floor. This hasn't been done for
nearly 30 years, and if you do need to weed your bookshelves, I
thoroughly recommend waiting 30 years. It's a great way to get a
perspective on what we really want to keep, and what makes us wonder
WHAT on Earth! we were doing with this book on our shelves. (Does anyone
remember Shere Hite?) And also I no longer feel the need to keep Dr
Spock, though he was a great comfort to me 25 years ago.

Ob DWJ - I was given a lovely hardback copy of 'The Game' for Christmas,
and enjoyed re-reading it.

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I?really enjoyed 'Flora Segunda', despite all those Capital Letters...
The sequel, 'Flora's Dare', is out in hardcover, and will probably go to
paper next year.? 

On another note, I think that we may FINALLY be getting a paper edition
of 'The Mislaid Magician', after only two - or is it perhpas three? -


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