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Hurray - I got it!

Another new book I enjoyed recently was 'City in the Lake' - Rachel Neumeir (Knopf, ISBN 9780375847042.) Good characters, nasty villain - it just sucked me right in.

I've had 'Smekday' on my list for a while, but haven't seen it.? Must go to the Big Library Real Soon Now.


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Mostly I'm only posting because a couple of people were having
trouble getting list messages, and I want to make sure they're
getting them. (Folks, drop me a line if you got this.)

But I want to make something on-topic. Except I'm too punchy
right now to think of something.  So I need a topic... hmm.

Anyone read _the true meaning of smekday_?

Amaze me, America 
Save me from armageddon.    -- Girlyman, "Amaze me"

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