[DWJ] another introduction

deborah.dwj at suberic.net deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Tue Jan 13 12:30:13 EST 2009

I suppose I should introduce myself as well. I am Deborah, your
occasionally humble listmistress. My participation in the list
ranges from months at a time of lurking to sudden spates of
talking constantly, and those of you who have been around for a
while know that the only way to get me to accomplish anything is
to nag me endlessly (which you are heartily encouraged to do).

I live in eastern Massachusetts where I am a digital archivist
and a university, as well as a no-longer-paid-for-it computer
geek. I spent a lot of time hanging out in the fanfiction-writing
parts of online fandom and watching Canadian television, and I'm
reviewing so much children's fantasy and science fiction I
occasionally get sick of it (eco thrillers are apparently the new
vampire romance. who knew?).  Although then I get my galley
_Bloodhound_, the second Beka Cooper book by Tamora Pierce, and
everything is shiny again.

My first DWJ was _Charmed Life_, which I found by the incredibly
boring method of coming across it in the library when I was a
kid, and adoring it. It was the edition with that strange
cartoony cover art of Gwendolyn with the weird pillowy hair.

Also, I've met some of you in person, and you have all been
wonderful. Like Charlie and Farah, who were both very generous to
a traveler wandering in semi-foreign climes. And Katta, who sends
me queer children's media from Sweden. ;) And, well, all the rest
of you. *smooshes everyone in an unwelcome group hug*

Sir! I protest! I am _not_ a merry man!
 		--lt. worf

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