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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 05:58:14 EST 2009


Another purchase this Christmas was Cynthia Voigt's Tell me if the
lovers are losers, which I first read a long time ago and then lost -
or rather the library copy went missing! It arrived today, and I
couldn't wait to read it again - still enjoyed it, thank goodness. Is
anyone else a Voigt reader?

Oh yes - haven't read that one, but I love a lot of her books - the
Tillerman books (_Dicey's Song_ through _A Solitary Blue_, anyway - can't do
the back-stories of characters whose fates are tragic and known!)
especially.  And Becca just reread _Jackaroo_ and was very impressed again,
and I was thinking I should revisit it too.  If you remember Ika, who used
to be on the list, she's also a big fan.

(I managed to miss being taught by Cynthia Voigt in school in Maryland quite
narrowly, though I did know her from outside school a bit.)


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