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Abena Poku-Awuah abenapa at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 05:37:24 EST 2009

I've been a silent lurker on this list for years so thought it was time I
introduced myself. My name is Abena and I am 27. I work as an environmental
consultant in North London (the English one). I'm not sure who my nearest
neighbours are, does anybody claim this?
I remember reading my first DWJ book quite clearly: I was 8 years old and an
avid reader of anything and everything. I happened to get caught out one day
on a long bus journey with my mother without a book and was quite, quite
miserable. Then, on the seat in front of me, I noticed that somebody had
left behind a copy of a book called Charmed Life. I read the first couple of
pages, was not that impressed, but was so bored that I picked it up again
and struggled on and loved it. I then scouted out the other Chrestomanci
books, read Hexwood and then the Crown of Dalemark series and have been
hooked ever since. For me, as well as being my absolute favourite author,
DWJ also introduced me into the world of fantasy, for which I am eternally

I haven't had that much time to read lately due to life and other
annoyances. I still re-read my childhood favourites and have discovered
others over time, but would be grateful for any recommendations for fantasy
aimed at the adult reader.


2009/1/12 Elizabeth Bentley <elizabeth at wardrobe-on-the-web.com>

> I am a school librarian in London and a dedicated reader of children's
> literature. Not sure which was my first DWJ, but I suspect it was
> Charmed life. I still like that a lot, but I think that Deep Secret
> and its sequels have probably overtaken the Chrestomanci ones. My re-
> reads depend more on what I can get at in our overcrowded house (books
> in front of books, in piles on floors etc) than on which are my
> favourites. I think the only one I was less keen on was The
> spellcoats, though I liked it better the second time, and I have great
> difficulty rereading Cart and cwidder, because I find it so sad.
> I am grateful to the list for introducing me to Bujold and Whalen
> Turner - finally read The Curse of Chalion (2-3 times), and am waiting
> for The hallowed hunt to arrive.
> Another purchase this Christmas was Cynthia Voigt's Tell me if the
> lovers are losers, which I first read a long time ago and then lost -
> or rather the library copy went missing! It arrived today, and I
> couldn't wait to read it again - still enjoyed it, thank goodness. Is
> anyone else a Voigt reader?
> I have 3 daughters, all home educated, though they're all beyond
> school now.
> And I always sign myself EB, as that is what my husband calls me, so
> it's a sign of friendliness rather than formality!
> EB
> Elizabeth Bentley
> elizabeth at wardrobe-on-the-web.com
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