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Mon Jan 12 02:14:35 EST 2009

Hi, I'm Esther,
Long-time reader, mostly lurker.  Am another Israeli (though American-born and -raised) listmember.  (Hi, Gili!  We should meet sometime.  And my daughter IS studying translation.  Sort of.)  
My first DWJ were three hardcovers I bought at a used book sale.  Dogsbody, Magicians of Caprona, and Power of Three.  I almost didn't buy them because they were 75 cents each and the other books were at most a quarter.  But magic, fantasy, other worlds have always been my favorite reading, and I made the right decision.  
I love almost every single one of DWJ's books -- and the ones I love the most now are likely to be ones I didn't take to the first time I read them.  Hexwood is maybe the one I like least - not because it isn't a great book, but because the scenes of training children to be servants of the Reigners are much too intense for me.  (When I was a teen, I'd read any Holocaust literature I could, to try to get close to my father's experiences -- he very rarely talked about any of them, and when he did, he edited them.  I was much tougher then, and could handle those books.  I'm much less tough now.  Maybe it's becoming a parent.  You can picture things happening to you and handle it, but HAPPENING TO YOUR KIDS?!)
Speaking of parenthood, I have eight children, which may be my only claim to outstandingness on this list of exceptionally bright and talented people.  They are aged 7 to University, and five of them are teenagers.  We have two refrigerators.  
We are "alternative" in many ways when it comes to health care -- we don't vaccinate, go to homeopaths more than doctors, use EFT, etc.  I suddenly wonder as I'm writing this -- on this list, do we have a lot of alternative/holistic/uncoventional folks, when it comes to health?


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