[DWJ] another introduction

Tina liril at gmx.net
Sun Jan 11 08:47:27 EST 2009


another introduction: I'm Bettina, I'm in my mid-thirties and I live and 
work in Frankfurt (Germany) as a lawyer (waves to Kathleen). 
Sometimes I still wonder whether that happend by accident, because that 
was never really my plan. Well, I did of course make the decisions and 
know how I ended up doing what I do. But I never was the type who always 
knew she/he wanted to become a lawyer. Mind you, some of those types 
I've "encountered" in Boston Legal, so not being like them is probably 
no wonder ;-)

At some point  there were other people from Germany on the list, but not 
having heard from them in a while I assume the nearest listmembers are 
in the Netherlands. I have been on the list for quite some time, not 
since the beginning, but still quite a while. I remember that I was 
writing my dissertation at that time, and had more leisure to post. 
Nowadays I'm sort of a semi-lurker, but I still enjoy the discussions 
and recommendations a lot (also the ones concerning food).

My first DWJ probably was one of the Chrestomanci Series, possibly 
Charmed Life as a kid (in the German translation). Magicians of Caprona, 
Cart and Cwidder, Archer's Goon, Power of Three and possibly Witch Week, 
and later Fire and Hemlock were other DWJ books I read at that time. She 
was a favorite author of mine, and I made my parents buy some of them as 
presents for me even though they were available in the library. And I 
kept them in my room when the other children's and YA books went into 
storage. Years later at university, I rediscovered DWJ because of Harry 
Potter. After having read the first HP, I had some squabbles with the 
world building and such, and thought of an author who had done that 
better. After rereading my DWJ, I checked out the internet, found how 
many books I'd missed and discovered the list... and I'm still here. My 
favorites are Charmed Life, Deep Secret and Power of Three.

Many authors I enjoy have already been mentioned by others (no wonder 
given the many great recommendations here), so I'll just name Terry 
Pratchett, because I think he's amazing, Martha Wells and Lois McMaster 
Bujold, whose wonderful worlds I discovered thanks to the list. I also 
enjoy reading mysteries/detective stories (not the blood-thristy ones, 
more Dorothy L.Sayers,  Jill Churchill, John Maddox Roberts , to name 
some quite "settings" I like) The fact that I read mostly English books 
has kept me from reading any Cornelia Funke, and only one book by Kai 
Meyer, something I plan to change this year (a resolution for 2009 that 
should not be to hard).


PS: Concerning the List Anniversary: I've had the pleasure to attend the 
London list meet and to meet some of the list members in person. It 
would be lovely if we could arrange something like that again this year. 
With the current Euro / Pound exchange rate, trips to GB have become 
even more tempting ;-)

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