[DWJ] another introduction

Fiona Haggart fhaggart at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 05:00:32 EST 2009

I'm Fiona, in my (very) late 30s, living and working in Cambridge, UK.
I'm a lurker who enjoys the conversations, the anecdotes and the

I'm a Purchaser, mainly for the electronics industry but I seem to
have acquired a reputation for being able to find most things for a
good price!

I've been reading DWJ since primary school - I remember Dogsbody so
I'm guessing that was the first & I would have been 8 or 9. I still
love it but my favourites are Charmed Life, The Ogre Downstairs and
Archer's Goon (the latter because it bore more than a passing
resemblance to my own, somewhat dysfunctional, family and appeared to
be dedicated to me!). I've read all the books many times. My least
favourites would be Dalemark, although I don't actively dislike any of
her books.

My eldest nephew is just beginning to read the HP books, so I'm doing
my best to benevolently corrupt him by sending DWJ, Susan Cooper and
Alan Garner at every opportunity  ;-)


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