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Lili Wilkinson liliwilkinson at mac.com
Wed Jan 7 18:35:29 EST 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm also a most-of-the-time lurker, although I fell off the list for a  
while (it was attached to my work email, instead of this one).

I'm Lili, I'm 27, and I manage insideadog.com.au, Australia's website  
for teenagers about books and reading. It's a good job, as it mostly  
involves hanging out on the internet and talking to intelligent,  
articulate teenagers. I'm also a YA author, with four books under my  
belt, and another two this year (one about the Children's Crusade, and  
one about teen sexuality and musical theatre). My novel Scatterheart  
(convicts, giant white bears, romance) will be published in the UK  
some time this year (thanks for the nice words, Gili!), and I've been  
invited to speak at the Edinburgh Book Festival (schools' week) in  
August, which is a very great honour. And it seemed like a good excuse  
to have an extra long working holiday in the UK and attend the DWJ  
Conference as well!

Gosh, there were a lot of brackets in that last paragraph.

I think my first DWJ was The Magicians of Caprona, closely followed by  
Power of Three, when I was about 10. I then very quickly fell in love  
with Fire and Hemlock, and rejoiced endlessly when it was reprinted,  
because it meant that I didn't have to resort to stealing my library's  
copy. I read it now about once a year, and every time I find something  

My most recent DWJ is Witch Week, which I'd never read before and  
thoroughly enjoyed. My favourites - other than F&H - are Dogsbody,  
Archer's Goon and the Homeward Bounders.



Lili Wilkinson

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