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Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 16:46:35 EST 2009

I thought I might not do an introduction, but now that Ulrika has done hers, how can I not? I'm one of the other Swedes on the list - and no, not from her part of the country. I'm from Lund, in the far south. I could give a better description of its geographical location, but that would require me being quite lewd. (Sweden isn't called the penis of the world for nothing.)

I'm 28, which makes me quite the baby on this list (and excuses my childish comment above, I hope). I work part time as a school librarian and part time as a companion for people with disabilities, and spend far too much time online and/or watching TV shows. I have a MA in film theory, so I can always tell myself that I'm keeping up with my education. :-) I have no children or partner, but four nephews whom I adore completely.

I can't remember which my first DWJ was - probably either Howl's Moving Castle or Dogsbody, with The Lives of Christopher Chant another possible contender. Howl was the one I really fell for. (Both the book and the character - I vaguely remember that DWJ has said girls tend to prefer Howl between the ages of 15 and 25 and Christopher before and after that age, but that's not true for me. *g*) Most of DWJ's books aren't translated to Swedish, so a lot of them I have read as an adult, and am in fact still catching up. My favourite may be Deep Secret, because I so recognize the fannish behaviours described (though I've never been to a con, the more's the pity).

My personal journal is at kattahj.livejournal.com - I have a professional one too, but that's in Swedish and thus of limited interest to the list.

That's it, I guess. It's been really interesting reading everyone's introductions!


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