[DWJ] another introduction

Farah Mendlesohn farah.sf at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 14:38:51 EST 2009

Re-reading my post I sound as if I have no life! There may be truth in this
but here's another go.

I live in London, and my partner, the sf critic and medievalist Edward
James, lives in Dublin. My first DWJ was probably Charmed Life, but I
couldn't guarantee that. My current favourite is Archer's Goon because I am
fascinated by the structure of it. Like most of you, there is a feline in my
life, Miss Potchka, who is a rather demanding, middle aged Abyssinian cat
who rules the house with a well manicured claw.

There are a lot of books around here, and I love my job: I get paid to
teach, read and write, and these days I'm senior enough for the balance to
be about right. I'm studying A level maths (slowly) and for fun, and have
just begun reading a bunch of new books on the seventeenth century civil
wars, and then on the English Commonwealth. It's the second half of that
which is my real interest. Something about all the flags welcoming various
invading armies in the past few years has roused my cyncism about the
"universal enthusiasm for the restoration". Hmm. 20 yrs from restoration to
regime change. Maybe not.... So I'm reading about England under Cromwell.

[Oh: and I am thoroughly impressed at what an utter fool Charles I was. I
had always been aware he was probably one of our worst Kings, but I had not
realised just how guaranteed it was that, if presented with a good choice, a
neutral choice or a really terrible one, Charles would, without fail, take
the worst option.]


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