[DWJ] another introduction

Farah Mendlesohn farah.sf at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 10:38:37 EST 2009

Back from a short holiday and feeling much refreshed. Despite appearances,
I've been so down I couldn't really think of personal stuff (no big deal,
just the usual SAD and post project blues).

I'm Farah Mendlesohn, I think of myself as an sf and fantasy specialist, but
I spent a lot of my youth sick in bed and reading children's books and it
turns out to have been useful.

I'm Reader in Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature at Middlesex University
(London) -- one down from full prof, for the Americans.

Once upon a time Jack Zipes asked me what I'd like to write on if I had an
absolutely free choice. Assuming this was a nice friendly chat over a drink,
I mentioned DWJ, and found myself, a month later, with a contract in hand.
Amazingly I still find things in her books I didn't notice the last time.

Along with Charlie Butler and Minnow I'm organising a conference on DWJ in
Bristol next summer. Papers please!


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