[DWJ] another introduction

Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 05:50:45 EST 2009

> > ____
> Hello from sunny Shipley.
> Colin (a lurker, recently).

Huh; snap. (That's "snap" in the British sense, meaning "same here" or related concepts- from the card game Snap where you call out "snap" if two people put the same card down; not "snap" in the American sense, which seems to mean "gotcha!" or similar. Um. Language is fun.)
Sorry, listmembers with nobody from the list within 2,000 miles! (I've suddenly come over all six years old and have "islands win, continents suck, nyah nyah nyah!" in my head. How ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with continents that a few more coastlines wouldn't cure, anyway.)

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