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When I saw this call for papers it occurred to me that it would
be really cool for someone to submit a paper on Power of Three.
But I can't do it, because I've promised myself (and my loved
ones) that I'm not submitting to any more paper calls except for
the DWJ one, for which the deadline is, like, next week.

So somebody else should do it.

Let me remember this, please, when everything else
goes let me remember a goddess laughing after love.
 		-- _The Folk of the Air_

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Hi, Folks.

I've been asked to re-post this CFP.  Please consider applying for and then 
attending this conference!  ChLA conferences are a lot of fun and a great 
opportunity for networking.  --June C.

All conference information is found at http://www.english.uncc.edu/bestofthree/

Likewise, you can get to the site by following the links on the Children's 
Literature Association web site http://www.childlitassn.org/

Call for Papers
Conference participants are invited to submit papers and panel proposals that 
incorporate the number three in any way that appeals to them.

For participants who are interested in writing papers that relate to the 
conference theme, here are some suggestions for possible approaches:

Examine the inter-textual elements that run through three books by a children's 
or YA author;
Discuss the literary merits of children's books that are published as trilogies 
(or in a series);
Compare and contrast the works of three children's authors who deal with a 
common theme or who write in a similar fashion;
Explore the ways in which certain number, such as three, take on almost magical 
significance in fait tales and other stories for children;
Select three children's books that in your view represent the best in a 
particular subgenre or category and explain why these works deserve 

Participants are also invited to submit papers and panels that have nothing to 
do with the number three. In reality, this is an open call for papers and 
panels with the stipulation that participants should draw on their current 
research in the field of children's literature and submit their best work.

Please send abstracts of 250-500 words via email to Best3ChLA09 at uncc.edu or by 
regular mail to:

Dr. Paula Connolly, Chair,2009 ChLA Paper Selection CommitteeDepartment of 
English, UNC Charlotte9201 University City Blvd.Charlotte, North Carolina 

Deadline for abstracts is JANUARY 15, 
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